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We are always excited to get to know passionate individuals who have a desire to make change happen! At GRACE, we value every person's talents and skills and we want to embrace those talents! We have a list below of things we are always looking for help with but if you have a desire to do something specific at GRACE that is not listed below, we encourage you to fill out the application and let us know what it is you would like to do and we will work from there! 

We can't wait to serve with you!

GRACE USA Volunteer Opportunities

No matter your skill set or experience, you can become a disaster relief volunteer. Help those impacted by an emergency or natural disaster by serving in the field or behind the lines. The list below features a variety of ways to join the GRACE Disaster Relief Team.

  • Serve in the Field: Interested in being a front-line volunteer? Our Disaster Relief Team needs all sorts of volunteers: drivers, medical professionals, supplies specialists, victim assistance, etc.

  • Supply Drive Volunteer: A vital aspect for GRACE. Supply Drives allows our organization to gather supplies so we can dispatch a Relief Team at a moment's notice. It is also a great way to spread awareness!

  • Fundraising Team: Fundraising and capital campaigns provide the financial support needed to serve others. None of what we do is possible without financial support.

  • Internship: Looking to build some notable experience while in school or college? Start an internship in areas of interest or your field. Your academics come first!

  • GRACE DAY Team: Event planner at heart? Join the GRACE DAY team to help plan and organize our annual GRACE DAY.

  • Digital Marketing Team: For those passionate or interested in digital marketing, filming, editing, etc. Work alongside the social media, front-line and behind the line teams. Help grow awareness and community engagement.

  • Festival Team: Do you enjoy a good festival? Volunteer for the Festival Team. Help identify potential festival and expo opportunities, as well as develop creative booth ideas.

  • Anti-Trafficking Task Force: While every volunteer role at GRACE will have basic human trafficking training, this GRACE team specializes in direct services for trafficking victims and potential victims. This role requires additional organizational and potential state training.

  • Mail Group: Work on our Mail-Out Team to develop direct mail campaigns, or alongside a digital marketing campaign.

  • Professional Counseling Group: Are you a professional counselor passionate about direct services for trafficking victims? Join our Professional Counseling Group.

GRACE Thailand is honored to have native English speakers teaching English language serving during the after school and day camp programs. 

Travel to SE Asia's Amazing Thailand. Serve marginalized children and families through GRACE Thailand's Family Resource Centers. Assist during after school and day camp programs. Provide arts and crafts. Play games. Share musical talents. Teach basic English language (curriculum is easy and available). Teach proper dental care. Provide medical assessments. Showcase a baking session (the children love cakes and brownie mixes from America). Express kindness and encourage parents, guardians and staff. Share Biblical truths and the love of Jesus Christ. There is so much!

GRACE Thailand Opportunities