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Dr. Jon Sullivan is pleased to offer counseling services through Battlefield Ministries.

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Call to schedule your appointment: 706-235-9350

About Jon Sullivan, Ph.D., HS-BCP.

Dr. Jon Sullivan

                                                                    Dr. Jon holds a Ph.D. in Human Services: Disaster, Crisis, &                 
                                                                    Intervention from Walden University, a Master of Arts Degree in
                                                                    Human Services: Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty
                                                                    University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Ministry from
                                                                    Andersonville College. Jon is a nationally recognized Human
                                                                    Services Board Certified Practitioner which is the gold standard in
                                                                    the Human Services industry. Jon is an ordained minister and
                                                                    practices under that credentialing. He identifies as a Pastoral


                                                                    Dr. Jon has counseling experience relative to relationships,
                                                                    marriage, and individuals. More specifically, he has experience in
                                                                    helping others with depression, anxiety, communication, Christian
                                                                    development, affair recovery, men’s issues, missionary families, grief                                                                      & loss, trauma, and much more.


Dr. Jon provides services from a Christian perspective with a solution-focused approach. He integrates spirituality into the counseling process and recognizes the power of Choice. In addition to his counseling practice, Dr. Jon teaches counseling online at Liberty University and Human Services and Psychology at Shorter University. He and his wife founded the Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies, Inc. (G.R.A.C.E.) which is an anti-trafficking organization.


Global Relief Association for Crises & Emergencies, Inc. (GRACE) is committed to provide counseling with excellence. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We value confidentiality and abide by the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Christian Counselors (

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