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Crisis & Disaster Intervention

GRACE provides​ crisis and disaster intervention through after care and assistance programs.

What is the difference between crisis and disaster? 


Crises are life-altering situations including, but not limited to, death of a loved one, imprisonment of a spouse or parent, loss of a job, sickness, fatherless, motherless, homeless, victim of human trafficking and/or exploitation, etc.

Disasters are unexpected destructive events including, but not limited to, natural disasters (i.e. tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding), damage or loss of a home due to fire, flood, storms, etc.

What is GRACE after care? 

GRACE provides customized after care specific to the needs determined during the assessment of the person's situation.


After care may include providing counseling services, homework assistance, mentoring, guidance and liaison. After care may meet immediate physical needs after disasters including provision of new (or, when applicable, like-new) clothes, household goods, food, blankets, drinking water, etc.

The assistance for those in need is provided through in-kind volunteerism, monetary and merchandise donations. Our current service area is northwest Georgia in Bartow and Polk counties.

How do I contact GRACE?


Phone: 470.232.4962

How do I volunteer?

Complete our volunteer application form. We will be in touch with you.

Where can I donate items needed for those in need?

Our GRACE USA staff coordinates collection events around the area. Our next collection date and site: (pending affirmation from business). No worries..... call us and we will coordinate your delivery.

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