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Many children around the globe are faced with the issue of poor dental hygiene. Dental products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouth wash are a luxury in high-poverty areas.



This project will seek to provide basic dental items to children who normally would not have access to them. GRACE has been issuing dental hygiene supplies to out centers in Thailand since 2013 and are excited to take this project even further by assisting other impoverished communities and/or those hit by crises or disaster.


Long-Term Impact

The medical community has proven the effects that poor dental health has on other parts of the body (like the heart). The long-term impact could be life-saving. As an anti-trafficking organization, we are constantly seeking to eliminate vulnerabilities in high-risk individuals - proper hygiene and wellness included. We also are a crisis relief organization - in this capacity, we can provide essential items to areas experiencing natural or man-made disasters.

what we need

Travel Sized Toothpaste
Travel Sized Mouthwash
Dental Floss
Ziplock Bags (quart size)

Items can be shipped to our main office at
650 Henderson Drive, STE 435, Cartersville, Ga 30120

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